I’ve worked as a web developer and graphic designer for 20 years. Since 2014, I’ve specialized in developing front end pattern libraries for universities and other large organizations. I love creating systems! Here are some of my favorite projects.

Website & Design System Projects

All color combinations in GMU COS palette tested for accessible contrast
Team consensus and a Fractal Pattern Library helped define the blueprint for this Drupal site.
  • development
Excerpt from Emory School of Medicine element collage with photo treatments, statistics, step by step list, and feature area
I built a Pattern Lab library and assisted with visual design for this prestigious medical school.
  • development
  • design
Detail of Fact Collection organisms in scheme testing loop
WCAG compliance was priority one in this Pattern Lab library project.
  • development
Detail of Davidson Element Collage intro area with logo, palette, typography, texture, and hero mockup
I collaboratively built my first Fractal library for this small, private North Carolina college.
  • development
  • design
Top of BRPA Homepage with navigation, hero area, and member search
My development background aided my design work while creating this site for America's favorite drive.
  • design
Detail of Saint Francis programs page with navigation, page header, intro and section navigation
Accessibility and approachability guided the design direction for this nonprofit serving people with disabilities.
  • development
  • design
detail of grid organism
Reusable architecture was crucial for this large engineering school looking to dramatically grow its enrollment.
  • development
top of TEES homepage with navigation, hero area, and featured news story
I extended an existing pattern library for a new purpose to create this research agency site.
  • development
  • design

Presentations & Webinars

I’ve given several talks about pattern libraries, design systems, atomic design, and related topics. I’m working on publishing all the presentation slides, but it’s a slow process! As I convert talks, they’ll be added here.

This talk covers strategies to help visual designers and front end developers work in a modular, pattern-friendly way.
I teamed up with Donald St. Martin from Texas A&M to share lessons learned from building lots of atomic design pattern libraries.
I partnered with NewCity Content Strategist Rachel DeLauder to talk about how the simple act of giving something a name can have unpredictable results.
Participants in this workshop worked as a team to identify and cut out the atoms, molecules, and organisms in a set of designs, then glue them together as a collection.
This talk covers the basics of Atomic Design, why it's a good approach for design systems, and strategies for getting started.
In my first-ever talk, I shared developer's strategies for building pattern libraries from scratch.

Full list of presentations