jslaughter.net is built using WordPress and the Jupiter X Theme. Most pages are built using the Elementor page builder. Can we just talk about that for a second?

If you're a web developer who builds custom systems, why are you using a systemless, templated, click and drag theme for your website?

Oh man, for like, so many reasons, you guys.

Building a design system to represent myself is a total siren song I'm currently trying to resist. What a dream project, right? No clients, no limits, no budget! So, no timeline or defined scope either. It's a rabbit hole. The cobbler's children remain unshod.

I started down that path, but realized what I really needed was a quick way to publish case studies and format old blog articles in an editorial way. Emphasis on quick. I could have built a design system and library for myself, in my spare time, in a few months. This clunky, system-fragile setup allowed me to stand up a portfolio in a day.

So for now, here we are. It's littered with detached, systemless things that make me want to claw my eyeballs out. But it's here.