I've worked as a web developer and graphic designer for 17 years. Since 2014, I've specialized in developing frontend pattern libraries for universities and other large organizations. I love creating systems! Here are some of my favorite projects.

Website & Design System Projects

Excerpt from contrast testing loop tool

George Mason University College of Science

Team consensus and a Fractal Pattern Library helped define the blueprint for this Drupal site.
Element collage for Davidson College

Davidson College

I collaboratively built my first Fractal library for this small, private North Carolina college.
Button CTAs scheme tester

CSU College of Health and Human Sciences

WCAG compliance was priority one in this Pattern Lab library project.
Moodboard for Emory School of Medicine

Emory School of Medicine

I built a Pattern Lab library and assisted with visual design for this prestigious medical school.
detail of grid organism

Texas A&M College of Engineering

Reusable architecture was crucial for this large engineering school looking to dramatically grow its enrollment.
Detail of "more to explore" row of content with circle teasers and ripped paper effect

Blue Ridge Parkway Association

My development background aided my design work while creating this site for America's favorite drive.

Presentations & Webinars

I've given several talks about pattern libraries, design systems, atomic design, and related topics. I'm working on publishing all the presentation slides, but it's a slow process! As I convert old talks, they'll be added here.

Designing and Coding for Patterns

This design- and frontend-focused talk covers strategies for designing and coding in a modular, pattern-friendly way.

Putting Atomic Design to Work

I teamed up with Donald St. Martin from Texas A&M to share lessons learned from building lots of atomic design pattern libraries.

Naming Stuff is Hard

I partnered with NewCity Content Strategist Rachel DeLauder to talk about how the simple act of giving something a name can have unpredictable results.

Hands-on Atomic Design Workshop

Participants in this workshop worked as a team to identify and cut out the atoms, molecules, and organisms in a set of designs, then glue them together as a collection.

Building Design Systems with Atomic Design

This talk covers the basics of Atomic Design, why it's a good approach for design systems, and strategies for getting started.

Building Pattern Libraries

In my first-ever talk, I share developer's strategies for building pattern libraries from scratch.

Full list of presentations