Presentation List

Chronological list of presentations I've given

Building Pattern Libraries

  • HighEdWeb Conference 2015, Milwaukee, WI
  • EdUI Conference 2015, Charlottesville, VA

Building Design Systems with Atomic Design to Promote Consistency, Collaboration, and Quality

  • OmniUpdate User Training Conference 2017, San Diego, CA
  • Texas A&M Web Group 2017, College Station, TX
  • University System of Georgia Web Tech Conference 2018, Macon, GA

Getting Crafty with Components: Hands-on Atomic Design Workshop

  • EdUI Conference 2017, Charlottesville, VA

Naming Stuff is Hard (with Rachel DeLauder, NewCity)

  • EdUI Conference 2018, Charlottesville, VA

Putting Atomic Design to Work (with Donald St. Martin, Texas A&M University)

  • HighEdWeb Conference 2018, Sacramento, CA

Putting Atomic Design to Work (abridged version)

  • Webinar for OmniUpdate 2018

From Catastrophe to Compliance: Navigating the WCAG 2.0 AA Quagmire 

(with Jen Garvey and Dave Carpenter, Colorado State University)

  • EduWeb Conference 2019, Philadelphia, PA

Designing and Coding for Patterns

  • OmniUpdate User Training Conference 2020, Universal City, CA